Session 9

Session 9
• Brians character has become kinda of a hub for disparate machine spirits
o this is a result of the paladaium worm destroying the power structure
o Brining confused spirits under control due to geographical relevance
• Aeigis is in charge of escorts for repair teams for machine spirits
• Engineer is place in charge of repairing the machine sprit that aegis was unable to control and was summoned by dreamer
• Shadow is off investigating the drug usage and trade.
• Shadow is also looking for dissidents (spiritual manner)
• Crystal lotus is helping to gather information on alcohol trade and spiritual dissidents
• municipal charm allows for instant communication within the city
• Many of the dead found are starting to turn into ash breathers
• Dreamer wants to research into improved respirators and protection
o Want to find a way to reverse the ash breather condition
• Dreamer tells engineer and continuity to develop long range communication devices
• transportation paperwork in place fro trip down to the pole of smoke.
• everyone is at 65 xp that participated in this session



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