Story to Date

Session 1 (May-29-10):
• What did you do right out of the Vats?
• Called before the Tripartite Assembly
o Go through reasons for exalting
o Mention Devine ministers

Session 2 (May-29-10):
• Lead Expedition to the base of the pole of smoke?
• Shadow gained 2 points of temporary Clarity

Session 3(26-Oct-10)
• Palladium worm was told to the assembly
o They know it’s an issue, can’t find it
• Found a group of tunnel people
o Crystal is going to try and convince them to join the city
• Shadow is investigating deaths within the city
o Found dismembered bodies
o Tracked some suspicious individuals
• Aegis is trying to become a better leader.

Session 4 (4-Jan-10)
• Killed temple guardian and turned it into an awesome stature with the entire assembly standing over it in triumph (good propaganda)
• Gained foothold at the pole of smoke with smoke elemental helpers
• Lotus got praised by Ku and got a gift

Session 5 (8-Feb-11)
• Out prospecting for MM
• Need power sources
• Imminent shadow of the maker is very scary to the people

Session 6 (22-Feb-11)
• Finished battle with gremlin armored guys
• Dealt with the dead
• Got the group motivated to keep looking for Magical Materials

Session 7 (5-Apr-11)
• Can’t find any trace of where gremlinized people
o Popped into thin air?
• Resources 4 equivalent of soul Steel
• Time slip to allow people to use Vats
• Brian accesses interweb(vats)
• Told Crystal Lotus about apostates
• Resources 3 soulsteel allocated to Jenn’s character
• Shadow is investigating additional sabotage
o void bringer cults?
o Has Aegis helping him
• Tram system in the city
• Lotus informs Dreamer of apostates
• Brian will be questioning machine gods for information next session

Session 8 (17-May-11)
• 4 Stoners awaiting questioning by Shadow for where they got their drugs and pipes
• Scavenger fleet currently being harassed by local smoke elemental court due to incident with a pilot
• Inquiring into a moonshine operations
• Continuity is building giant cooling towers for the new power distribution and generation grid
• Lotus leads poor schmuck pilot back to dreamer for questioning , he thinks he is going to get lucky and not interrogated
• Pilot did not inform of the items he personally picked up and pocketed, holy relic that someone is pissed isn’t there
• Pilot and smoke elemental are both telling the truth, someone above them are not telling the truth
• Looking into how the smoke elementals knew who looted their temple



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